Unbeatable Xplex Paintball Prices – Limited Time Offer!

Looking for an exhilarating paintball experience that won’t break the bank? Look no further than Xplex Paintball where you can enjoy the thrill of the game without the steep prices. Our meticulously designed courses and state-of-the-art equipment offer an unparalleled experience that is both satisfying and affordable.

But how do our prices stack up against the competition?

Xplex paintball prices

Basic package pricing

Xplex Paintball is one of the leading paintball arenas in the country offering a range of packages to suit every budget and need. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a first-time player Xplex has something for everyone. In this article we’ll take a closer look at the basic package pricing offered by Xplex Paintball.

The basic package includes all the essentials you need to get started including a paintball gun mask hopper and air tank. You’ll also receive 500 paintballs to get you started. The cost of the basic package is $25 per person and it includes a two-hour session on the field.

If you’re looking for a longer session Xplex also offers a four-hour package for $40 per person. This package includes all the same essentials as the basic package but with 1000 paintballs included.

For those who want to make a day of it Xplex offers an all-day package for $60 per person. This package includes all the same essentials as the four-hour package but with 2000 paintballs included. You’ll also have access to the field for the entire day so you can play as many games as you like.

If you’re planning a group event Xplex also offers group packages starting at $200 for up to ten players. This package includes all the essentials as well as a private referee and access to a private playing field.

To help you compare the different packages we’ve created a handy table below:

Package Price Duration Paintballs
Basic $25 2 hours 500
Four-hour $40 4 hours 1000
All-day $60 All day 2000
Group (up to 10 players) $200 2 hours 500 per player

No matter which package you choose Xplex Paintball offers a safe and exciting environment for players of all skill levels. Book your session today and experience the thrill of paintball!
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Upgraded package pricing

If you’re looking for an adrenaline-pumping adventure Xplex paintball is the place to be. But before you grab your paintball gun and march onto the battlefield let’s talk about the upgraded package pricing.

What’s included in upgraded packages?

Upgraded packages at Xplex paintball come with a range of additional equipment and perks that are not included in the standard package. These may include upgraded paintball guns more paintballs and/or longer playtime. That means you’ll be able to shoot more paintballs have more fun and dominate the battlefield like a boss.

How much do upgraded packages cost?

The price of upgraded packages varies depending on the package you choose. But don’t worry there’s something for every budget. Whether you’re a penny-pinching paintball player or a baller on a budget you can find an upgraded package that suits your needs.

Why choose an upgraded package?

Sure the cost of upgraded packages may be higher than the standard package but trust us it’s worth it. You’ll receive more value for your money and who doesn’t love that? Upgraded packages are a hit among experienced players or those looking for a more immersive paintball experience. So if you want to take your game to the next level an upgraded package is the way to go.

Special deals and promotions

We know you love a good deal and Xplex paintball loves to give them. Keep an eye out for special deals and promotions on upgraded packages. You never know when you might snag a sweet deal that saves you some cash and gives you an even more epic paintball experience.

Group discount options

If you’re looking for a thrilling and action-packed activity to do with a group of friends Xplex Paintball might just be the perfect choice. Not only do they offer a heart-pumping game of paintball but they also have group discount options that will make your wallet sing with joy.

The Discount Price

Xplex Paintball offers a group discount price of $20 per player for parties of 10 or more. That’s a steal! This price includes all the necessary equipment as well as 500 paintballs to start you off. And if you’re feeling trigger-happy you can purchase additional paintballs for just $10 per 500.

Reservation Details

To take advantage of this sweet deal you’ll need to reserve your spot in advance and pay a non-refundable deposit of $50. Don’t worry though that deposit will go towards the total cost of your group’s visit. Just make sure you have a solid headcount before you put down that deposit or you’ll be stuck with the bill.

Private Group Bookings

If you’re feeling extra fancy and want to splurge a bit Xplex Paintball also offers private group bookings for an additional fee. This option includes exclusive use of the playing fields and a dedicated referee just for your group. It’s like having your own personal playground but with paintball guns.

Hacks for reducing costs

Are you looking to get your paintball fix without breaking the bank? Look no further than Xplex paintball! With a few cost-saving hacks you can enjoy all the adrenaline-pumping action of paintball without emptying your wallet.

Research discounts

First things first always check for any discounts or deals offered by Xplex paintball. They might have student discounts or group rates that could save you some serious cash. Don’t be afraid to ask about any available discounts or deals!

Bring your own gear

If you have your own paintball gear bring it with you to avoid renting equipment from Xplex. Not only will this save you money but you’ll also have the advantage of using equipment that you’re already familiar with.

Play on weekdays

Weekday rates are often cheaper than weekend rates so plan your paintball outing accordingly. Plus you’ll avoid the crowds and have more space to move around on the field.

Share equipment

Playing with a group? Share equipment to reduce costs. Instead of each person renting their own paintball gun share one and take turns. Not only will you save money but you’ll also have more opportunities for teamwork and strategy.

Bring your own snacks

Xplex may charge extra for food and drinks so bring your own snacks and drinks to save money. Plus you’ll have the added benefit of snacking on your favorite treats while you play.

Book in advance

Booking in advance can sometimes result in lower prices so plan ahead and book your paintball session early. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you have a spot reserved and you’ll save some cash in the process.

Look for online deals

Don’t forget to check online for any promotions or discounts offered by Xplex or other paintball venues in the area. You never know what kind of deal you might find!

Now that you have these cost-saving hacks in your back pocket you can enjoy all the excitement of paintball without worrying about the price tag. So gather your friends gear up and get ready for an epic paintball battle at Xplex!

Frequently asked questions on pricing

Hey there paintball enthusiasts! So you’re thinking about heading to Xplex paintball for some adrenaline-pumping fun but you’re not sure about the prices? Fear not my friend for I have compiled a list of frequently asked questions on pricing just for you. Let’s dive in!

What are the different pricing options available at Xplex paintball?

Xplex paintball offers a variety of pricing options to cater to your needs. You can choose from their standard packages or customize your own package according to your preferences. They also have membership options for those who can’t get enough of the paintball action.

How much does it cost to play for a certain amount of time?

The cost of playing at Xplex paintball varies depending on the duration of your game. The standard pricing for an hour-long game is $25 and it goes up to $65 for a full day of paintball madness.

Are there any special discounts or promotions available for groups or parties?

Yes indeed! Xplex paintball offers special discounts and promotions for groups and parties. If you’re planning to bring a group of friends or host a birthday party you can enjoy discounted rates and customized packages. Just give them a call to inquire about their group rates.

Do prices vary depending on the day of the week or time of day?

Nope the prices at Xplex paintball remain the same throughout the week and day. You can enjoy the same thrilling experience at the same affordable price no matter when you choose to play.

Are there any additional fees or charges that players should be aware of?

There are no hidden fees or charges at Xplex paintball. The price you pay covers all the necessary equipment and facilities you’ll need for your game. However if you’re planning to bring your own equipment there might be a slight change in the pricing which leads us to the next question.

Can players bring their own equipment and how does that affect pricing?

Yes players can bring their own equipment to Xplex paintball. However if you choose to do so there might be a slight change in the pricing. The good news is that you can enjoy discounted rates if you bring your own paintballs.

Is there a minimum age requirement for players and does that affect pricing?

Yes there is a minimum age requirement for players at Xplex paintball which is 10 years old. However this doesn’t affect the pricing as all players are charged the same rate regardless of their age.

And that’s a wrap folks! I hope this blog post has answered your questions about Xplex paintball prices. Now it’s time to gear up grab your paintball gun and get ready for some epic battles on the battlefield. See you there!


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