Is Paintball Gun BB? The Shocking Truth!

Paintball guns have become increasingly popular over the past few years with many people indulging in this adrenaline-pumping activity.

However there is a common misconception that paintball guns shoot bb pellets which is simply not true. While both paintballs and bb pellets are small projectiles they are vastly different in terms of their composition impact and purpose. So what exactly are paintball guns shooting? Are they really as harmless as some might think? Let’s explore this topic in more detail.

Is paintball gun bb

Definition of BBs

BBs are small spherical projectiles that are commonly used in airsoft guns and paintball guns. They are typically made of plastic or metal and come in a variety of sizes and weights. In airsoft BBs are used as ammunition for replica firearms while in paintball they are used to mark opponents with paint.

While BBs are commonly associated with airsoft guns many people wonder if paintball gun BBs exist. The answer is no. Paintball guns use paintballs which are larger and heavier than BBs. Paintballs are designed to break upon impact leaving a visible mark on the target.

It is important to note that using the wrong type of ammunition in a paintball gun can be dangerous and cause damage to the gun. Always use paintballs specifically designed for paintball guns.

To help you better understand the differences between BBs and paintballs here is a useful comparison table:

BBs Paintballs
Size Small (typically 6mm) Large (typically .68 caliber)
Weight Light (typically less than 1 gram) Heavy (typically around 3 grams)
Material Plastic or metal Gelatin shell filled with paint
Use Airsoft guns Paintball guns

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Components of a paintball gun

Are you ready to step onto the paintball battlefield? Before you do let’s take a closer look at the components of a paintball gun or as we like to call them markers.

The Hopper

The hopper is where the magic happens. It’s the container that holds the paintballs and feeds them into the gun. Without it you’d be shooting blanks and that’s just sad.

The Barrel

The barrel is the long tube through which the paintball is fired. It’s like the runway for your paintball giving it the momentum it needs to soar through the air and hit your opponent square in the chest.

The Trigger

The trigger is like the conductor of an orchestra. It’s used to release the bolt and shoot the paintball. But be warned once you pull that trigger there’s no going back.

The Bolt

The bolt is responsible for pushing the paintball out of the barrel. It’s like the quarterback of the paintball gun guiding the paintball to its final destination.

The Air Tank and Regulator

The air tank and regulator work together to supply the gun with compressed air which propels the paintball out of the barrel. Think of them like the fuel and engine of your paintball gun.

So to answer the burning question on your mind is a paintball gun a bb gun? No way Jose. A paintball gun is a whole different animal with its own unique components that make it a force to be reckoned with on the paintball field.

Now that you know the components of a paintball gun it’s time to suit up load up and get ready to dominate the battlefield. Happy shooting!

Ammunition used in paintball guns

Are paintball guns a type of BB gun? Not exactly. While both use air pressure to propel their projectiles paintball guns use a unique type of ammunition that sets them apart.

Paintballs: Not Your Average Ammo

Instead of traditional bullets or BBs paintball guns fire small round capsules filled with paint. These paintballs are designed to break open upon impact leaving a colorful mark on your opponent’s gear (or your own if you’re not careful).

What Are Paintballs Made Of?

The outer shell of a paintball is made of gelatin the same material used to make gummy bears. Inside this shell is a mixture of water-soluble dye and polyethylene glycol which creates a non-toxic washable paint.

Size Matters

The standard size for paintballs is .68 inches in diameter. However some paintball guns can also shoot smaller .50 caliber paintballs. These smaller paintballs are often used in speedball a fast-paced paintball game that requires quick reflexes and accuracy.

Safety First

One of the benefits of paintball ammunition is that it’s designed to be non-lethal making it a safe and enjoyable recreational activity. While you may experience some bruises or welts from being hit with a paintball they’re generally not serious and will heal quickly.

So while paintball guns may use air pressure to propel their projectiles they’re not BB guns. Paintballs are a unique type of ammunition that add an extra layer of fun and excitement to this thrilling activity. Just remember to always wear your safety gear and have a blast!

Why paintball BBs are not suitable for air guns

Are you thinking about using paintball BBs in your air gun? Well hold your horses because we’re here to tell you why that’s a bad idea.

Size and Weight

First things first paintball BBs are larger and heavier than traditional BBs used in air guns. While this may seem like a minor difference it can actually cause some serious problems. The size and weight of paintball BBs can lead to jamming misfires and even damage to your air gun.


Paintball BBs are designed to break upon impact which is great for marking players as “out” in a game. However this design is not suitable for the mechanisms of air guns. Traditional BBs are made of metal and are designed to be shot out of air guns without breaking. Using paintball BBs can cause damage to the gun and potentially harm the shooter.

Safety First

Let’s not forget about safety. Traditional BBs are made of metal and can cause serious injury if fired from an air gun. Using the wrong ammunition can be dangerous and even deadly. It is important to always use the proper ammunition for your specific air gun to ensure safety and optimal performance.

Conclusion: paintball gun BBs are not the same as air gun BBs

Size Matters

When it comes to ammunition size matters. Paintball guns use larger ammunition than air guns. Paintballs are made of gelatin and are filled with a non-toxic water-soluble dye while air gun BBs are typically made of metal or plastic. The difference in size and material means that paintball gun BBs are not interchangeable with air gun BBs.

Recreational vs. Hunting

Another key difference between paintball guns and air guns is their intended use. Paintball guns are designed for recreational use while air guns can be used for hunting and target shooting. This means that the ammunition used in each type of gun is tailored to the intended activity.

Safety First

One of the most important considerations when using any type of gun is safety. Paintball guns are generally safer than air guns as the larger ammunition is less likely to cause serious injury. However it is still important to use the correct ammunition for each type of gun to ensure safety and proper function.


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