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Field Rules and Regulations

ABC Paintball Speedball Field

Safety Rules :

All players and spectators MUST follow all safety and game rules without exception. Any violation of the rules will result in that player or spectator being ejected for the field of play and/or premises. Greenwood Lake Sports offers no refund for those ejected for failure to follow the rules, so be forewarned.

Greenwood Lake Sports reserves the right to refuse admisson to any person deemed to be a risk to others or themselves or for any other reason as determined by the staff or owners.

Prior to the start of play, all players are given a comprehensive orientation by one of our highly trained paintball referees. All rules will be thoroughly explained and any questions answered. Each player renting equipment will be shown how to properly and safely operate that equipment.

An outline of the rules is listed below:

  1. Approved Full Face Mask/Goggle Systems must be worn at all times past the neutral area or when testing or chronoing your marker at the target range. Players may not remove their goggles at any time unless instructed by a referee. Any violation is grounds for immediate ejection from the premises. Players ejected for violating the goggle rule are not eligible for refunds or readmission.
  2. No shooting into or out of the registration area, picnic area, neutral zones, or parking areas. All guns must have barrel blocking devices (barrel plug or barrel cover) in place while in these areas. If you do not have a barrel cover, one can be purchased in the store.
  3. Do not shoot the wildlife, automobiles, store, trailers, etc.
  4. No climbing of trees or on top of structures.
  5. No physical contact with any other player or referee. Fighting with other players or staff will result in the police being called and the offending persons arrested.
  6. No potentially dangerous gear. Players may not bring any form of tools onto the playing field. No types of firearms, pyrotechnics, or explosives are allowed. If you want to shoot or blow things up, the military is always looks for bodies. The game site operator must approve all personal equipment and can ban anything they deem necessary.
  7. No alcohol or illegal drugs are allowed on the premises during play.
  8. No verbal abuse of other players or staff is allowed.
  9. Do not attempt to remove the power sources or any parts from the rental guns. If your gun malfunctions, please notify a referee immediately and they will ensure you get a new one.
  10. All players are required to check the velocity of their personal paintball markers to ensure that they are not shooting above the field limit of 280 FPS. Players are not permitted to make any adjustment of the velocity of their guns while on the playing field. Any gun shooting over the field limit will not be permitted on the playing fields.
  11. Judges decisions are final. Any argument with a judge will result in a player being ejected from the playing field.
  12. Spectators must wear a paintball goggle and face mask unless they are behind a safety netting that has passed safety tests. The spectators must be 2 feet back from the netting and not be leaning against it.
  13. All guns must be set in semi-auto mode only on the field of play. Turbo, burst, full-auto, and zip modes are prohibited. Tippmann Response Triggers are permitted for use.
  14. Eliminated players must raise their hands above their head, place their barrel blocking device on thier guns, and immediately exit the playing field. Players may also yell out "I'm Hit" or "I'm Out" so that others are aware of their elimination and will not consider them a live target.
  15. No player may fire upon a player once they have been eliminated and have expressed the elimination by placing their hands above their head and/or signal "I'm Hit" or "I'm Out".
  16. Any player who continues to play on with an obvious hit (ie: cheats) will be removed from the game and forced to sit out the following game.
  17. Players may request "paintchecks" on other players or themselves if they believe they are hit. Referees will make the call as to whether the player is eliminated or not.
  18. Fields are marked with boundary tape. Any player who goes outside the boundary of the playing field is eliminated for that game.
  19. Players may not fire point blank at another player. At close range, the opposing player should be given the option to surrender.
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